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View Diary: President Obama should make it clear that, if forced, he will ignore the debt ceiling (46 comments)

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    comes down to is this: all this stuff only works because we agree to it. If President Obama declared that he was going to pay the bills regardless of the debt ceiling, and open the government regardless of what the House says, for the good of America, I doubt the Supreme Court would try and stop him. And even if it did, he could ignore them, after all, that's what separate but equal means. I believe he is going to have to make a choice, and soon, whether or not he is going to allow the economy to go down the toilet because of the recalcitrance of the teabaggers. The House is not going to do anything in the next week or two, they really do want to see what will happen if they don't raise the debt limit. President Obama, what will you do?

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