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View Diary: The larger issue at stake in the shutdown: the role of government (2 comments)

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  •  Roosevelt was from the upper class in short he (1+ / 0-)
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    water willow

    was a wealthy patrician who could give his own what for.  Obama has no such bonifides.  He must play a much more nuanced political game than merely attacking priviledge the way FDR did.  FDR did not get health care coverage passed, Obama did and now he must tough it out with the Condederate hostage takers from the GOP Tea Baggers and the Koch Addicts.  FDR never dealt with a default either as Obama must.  We need to clear the dead wood of the GOP out of the body politic by teaching them a lesson they will not forget and hopefully not survive.  As long as they are with us we will be hamstrung with their regressive never ending road blocks to betterment of American society.  Obama and next Hillary will do them in, that is what is really needed for us to get back to being forward looking Americans.

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