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View Diary: Politico: The Deal Is Done. Uh-Oh (214 comments)

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  •  Income verification is a must. This just (0+ / 0-)

    states for Sebelius to "certify" that individuals meet the income thresholds.   There is nothing wrong with it, especially since income is already being verified as it is.  Also, the Democrats ended up with a big concession for unions, which is what they wanted.   This is a big win, the GOP gave much more up than they gained here.    

    Are you saying the Democrats should NOT have given the unions the tax delay because now there is some revenue missing for Obamacare as a result?   That is just plain ridiculous.  By that reasoning we should not give EITCs to anyone because it removes money from the collective tax coffers, which in turn then contributes to the deficit.      

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