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View Diary: Politico: The Deal Is Done. Uh-Oh (214 comments)

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  •  Helping them SCARE people? (0+ / 0-)

    Seriously, what bug is in your bonnet?  There is no evidence of your dubious claim anywhere.

     This thread's author was indeed applying scare tactics without even a smidgen of knowledge of the actual facts.  That deserves to be called out.  This site is better than Freerepublic or Redstate when it comes to using reality vs. running with rumors.    

    In retrospect, how does what WAS included as "income verification" (a lax "requirement" of certification which is already included in the actual law) come even close to comparing to what the author of this diary painted as the meaning of that requirement, in the process trying to scare up "uh oh's" and "how dare they cave in like that" comments?  This was as bad a diary as they come.  Ill informed, seeking to pre-emptively call the deal a major defeat for Democrats based on nothing but a rumor blurb on Politico, trying to rile up people for no logical reason whatsoever, sans any evidence.    Great it worked for you, but diaries need to be better researched and reasoned to pass muster with me on the "Uh oh" front.

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