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    I'm curious -- did you reach out to any navigators or assisters? I work for a legal aid organization and I'm steering clients in this direction until I hear the website is working better. I'm not sure how wide-spread the assistance is, but in our area, there are multiple, local agencies that can help people -- some on a walk-in basis. Glad you got it figured out. And I'm not embarrassed by a law that allowed you to get coverage for $20/month.

    •  I'm not embarrassed by the law itself. (3+ / 0-)
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      I really like the law.  I've told many people how much I was paying with the subsidies included.  (They of course all laughed and said I must have got something wrong.  Told them I didn't.  Of course, then the conversation always turns to "But that's my money that's paying for those.")  

      It's just the website and it's problems that I can't stand.  Maybe I should wait until November to try it again?  The site is already much better than it was in it's first week.

    •  Where Do You Find a Navigator? (0+ / 0-)

      In my state, they have to have a navigator license, and there is no state website.  

      Has anybody actually gotten a navigator license?

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