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View Diary: Workers at biggest fast food companies need billions in public assistance (116 comments)

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  •  McDonalds would be out of business (0+ / 0-)

    They wouldn't want that.  So they will pay enough so workers can live on their wages, afford to buy their products.    If everyone else paid at least that, and also higher wages hinged on the MINWAGE, McDonalds would have MUCH MORE DEMAND.

    So would hire even MORE people.   Remember Henry Ford?  Paid his workers enough to afford to buy one of the cars they made for him.  He's responsible for creating the middle class because other employers followed his lead.

    And everybody made money!    Yes, we do have to do something about the high cost of health care.   Be patient.  Obamacare II, "Medicare for All" with payroll deductions lower than insurance premiums (with their 18 pct markup) will be LESS than it is now.   At higher wages, people can afford their own health care.

    When the min wage kept up with purchasing power, years ago, I managed to put myself through college.  That isn't possible today.  Yet profits have NEVER been so high!   Corporations whine too much.

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