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View Diary: AFL-CIO policy director: 'No cover' for politicians on Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid cuts (162 comments)

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  •  Cato actually offers the Free Lunch (1+ / 0-)
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    or Privatization

    While the "It Won't Be There For Me" messaging is mostly the product of the Peterson Nexus. Which is what I call the overlapping combo of organizations founded or funded by PGP including the Concord Coalition, CRFB (Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget), its offshoots the Rivlin-Domenici Commission and Fix the Debt and of course the paymaster the (with I shit you not $1 billion total committed endowment) Peter G Peterson Foundation.

    The Peterson folk push the line that we just have no choice but to feed Grandma Fancy Feast cat food. While Cato's Project for Social Security Choice (formally the Project for Social Security Privatization) insists that if Grandma just parks all her retirement money with Wall Street she will be dining on Beluga Caviar courtesy of the Magic of the Free Market and the Rule of Twelve.

    Do NOT confuse your Soulless Hard Libertarians and your Soulless Plutocrats. Even though both sides believe FDR was History's Greatest Monster and Social Security formerly the World's Most Dangerous Social Experiment. Now of course second to the Real WMDSE of Obamacare.

    More seriously there are distinctions in the broad front of Social Security haters, though of course much overlap as well. The Plutocrats like Peterson are not particularly adverse to taxation. As long as that taxation only falls on worker wages and worker consumption (in the end the same thing) and not on returns on capital. Give them a zero rate on that (like the full Ryan Roadmap would do) and BOOM you would find a bunch of social liberals. On the other hand the Hard Libertarians who Cato ostensibly speaks for are more Randite Sociopaths who hate moochers and looters on principle and want to see the Social Welfare State DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.

    You wouldn't find the same kind of "Think of the Children" messaging from Cato as you do from Kick the Can. Different messaging for different audiences.

    SocSec dot.Defender at - founder DK Social Security Defenders Group

    by Bruce Webb on Sat Oct 19, 2013 at 03:55:14 AM PDT

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    •  You rock. I see an awesome diary in your near (0+ / 0-)


      In my mind, they are all overlapping greedy bastards. However it is important to know which distinct sect is pushing which particular lie/policy.  And where the money comes from (PGP).  Well done, Bruce!

      * Was Concord Coalition evil/fake concern from the start? I remember - as a wet behind the ears mid-20s General Election only Dem - that "CC seemed like a good idea. It's got Tsongas and a Repub so it must be valid..." or whatever my uninformed mushbrain came up with.

      As of 9pm 8/30/13: RETIRED Pie Warrior. Substance over Sh*t Flinging (as best as I am able) ~ JV

      by JVolvo on Sat Oct 19, 2013 at 07:06:36 AM PDT

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      •  Well my awesome DK diaries (0+ / 0-)

        are mostly in my past these days. Mostly I just admin the Social Security Group here while blogging elsewhere.

        Yes the Concord Coalition was evil to start with. It was the proto-type for Peterson's 'Bi-Partisan' group/commission/etc. In every case Peterson has found a deficit hawk Dem to balance out a mainstream conservative Republican to serve as the titular heads even as day to day direction mostly remains in the hands of his actual designees. This isn't particularly a secret, here is how Concord describes itself and its origins today

        The Concord Coalition is a nationwide, non-partisan, grassroots organization advocating generationally responsible fiscal policy. The Concord Coalition was founded in 1992 by the late former Senator Paul Tsongas (D-Mass.), late former Senator Warren Rudman (R-N.H.), and former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Peter Peterson. Former Senator Sam Nunn (D-GA) serves as co-chair of the Concord Coalition.
        While Tsongas was always a pretty good social liberal, he like Nunn have always been firmly in the DLC Sensible Centrist Business Friendly Camp.

        And the key to understanding Concord and its followup organizations is to examine its figure-head Board of Directors and then the guy who actually runs the show, in this case Robert Bixby. Who reports to the guy that actually pays the bills, in this case the third 'co-founder' Pete Peterson.

        Don't strain your eyes looking for a true left-progressive Dem anywhere on that list. Because such are simply not welcome at PGP funded groups.

        SocSec dot.Defender at - founder DK Social Security Defenders Group

        by Bruce Webb on Sat Oct 19, 2013 at 09:03:39 AM PDT

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