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View Diary: Sirota - Tea Party shutdown is about reshaping America (43 comments)

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  •  Why would think I am endorsing this outcome? (4+ / 0-)
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    You may not like the message, but the point is that the effect of the Tea party shutdown theater is pushing the political discourse further right and altering perceptions of the new normal.

    Spend some time in rural Wisconsin and you will be amazed at how many people blame this crisis on Obama acting like a dictator and not being willing to negotiate.

    Sorry but district gerry mandering and new voter restrictions will go a long way toward insulating the tea party congress from major damage. Even if the extremist get pushed out, those elected in their place will be "new moderate" Republicans who will continue to push the austerity agenda.

    •  I never said you are endorsing this outcome! (0+ / 0-)

      I did write:

      "I hope you don't think this rabid ideal legitimate."

      Far from it.  I was just checking :D  I thought your point on this was a bit ambiguous.

      I wholeheartedly agree that the political poles have been shifting ever rightward.  They have since the '60s when an incipient second coming of sorts, scared the "elites" to death.  They began a (successful) campaign to move the Overton window rightward.  

      I have often commented that today's Democratic party looks more like the 1968 GOP than the 1968 Dems.  The GOP are so far gone they no longer resemble a political body so much as a corral full of rabid animals.  I think the true left/progressive view is marginally represented in government, if at all.  I don't believe and never have believed that Obama is anything more than a centrist who blows with the wind.  He may have some left leanings but not enough passion to push for measures that are progressive.

      However, I believe the Tea Party has forced the GOP so far right that, to the rest of the world (for many years now) and to my ever growing delight, here in the USA, people now perceive these extremists as -- what they are.  Also to my delight, there is a growing and decided progressive trend throughout the country (except in some places) and the world.

      Because of all this rightward pushing/shoving, the pendulum has started to swing back.

      The answer to gerrymandering is for democrats to move into gerryd areas.  It doesn't matter how they stack the deck, there's ALWAYS a way to unstack it :D  And remember, slice it dice it mince it chop it, they are still a minority :D

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