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View Diary: Screw waiting, let's beat some Republicans now (79 comments)

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    repug opponent in final just some guy

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      ugh. Carl should have taken it. lame. If the dnc dscc or dccc send you mailers, send that link back to them and tell them you won't send money to people who defend democrats who betray progressive principals!

      by daeros on Wed Oct 16, 2013 at 01:12:50 AM PDT

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        I missed the news today, too busy catching up on beauty sleep.  But them, I'm in MA-06, and we're pretty well set with John Tierney until at least next year.  I really thought Carl Sciortino had a shot.

        Maybe he should throw his hat in the ring for next MA Governor?  Whatever else you think of Deval Patrick and his frequent raising of taxes (which has, it would appear, helped the state recover financially), we need to keep this place Blue - but we need some real progressives here and a lot fewer DINOs.

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