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View Diary: GOP Congresswoman Stunned: 'Do You Hate Obamacare More Than You Love Your Country?' (VIDEO) (268 comments)

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  •  He Broke to Nancy Pelosi.... (25+ / 0-)

    It was actually the ultimate diss....
    The Dems were just beginning their press conference, and the split screen had Nancy Pelosi coming to the podium.
    Blah-burn was rambling on in the usual way she always steamrolls interviewers to get in her talking points as he was saying "excuse me congressman, but I have to break away to  events that are taking place right now on the hill....can you please stay with us while we break away?"...

    After Pelosi and the rest of the Dems were done explaining that what the Rethugs were introducing was sabotage and that the Rethugs don't even have enough votes in THEIR OWN CAUCUS to pass the poison pill bill that Boner was introducing, when they went back to T. Roberts, Blah-burn was gone.

    No surprise.
    She is the ONE Rethug that has always irritated me to the point that I don't even find her rantings entertaining like I do the other Rethugs.

    I can tolerate ANY of them just for the pure idiotic "NASCAR crash" value EXCEPT her. I have hated her since Bu$hCo.

    Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. ..John F. Kennedy

    by irishamerican on Tue Oct 15, 2013 at 12:49:01 PM PDT

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