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View Diary: Deep shutdown thoughts from America's Dumbest Congressman (129 comments)

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    I just saw John McCain LIVE on the NBC Nightly News reply to Brian Williams enquiry about Louie's assertion that he was AQ supporter "When someone has NO INTELLIGENCE, you just can't respond."

    When I lived in Dallas, we kept a little trailer and a ski boat on a lake in Gohmert's district.  It's a mix of East Texas farmers and small business types, most of whom go regularly to some of the vilest churches on the planet, but it's also a bedroom community for Dallas on it's western fringes.  I'm hoping that the national spotlight displaying how truly moronic he is will begin to cause some embarrassment and make them get rid of him next fall.

    Of course, the TX Democratic Party is fairly useless.  I left 20 years ago and moved back to NY, but kept up my membership, sending small donations to the general fund and to occasional candidates.  A year and a half ago, they managed to lose my email address.  Twice.  I'm not holding my breath that they'll hustle up a nice, smart, white (necessary - this IS East Texas) candidate in time.

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