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  •  Chaco Canyon and Bisti Badlands (3+ / 0-)

    Were on our itinerary for our two-week trip to New Mexcio.  This was a return trip which I had planned since we first visited New Mexico 3 years ago.  I had booked 2 nights in Farmington, NM (October 1st and 2d) to make this happen.  We planned to see Chaco Canyon on October 2nd and Bisti on October 3rd.  As you can guess, this didn't happen.  Instead, we had to cancel that section of the trip and lose our deposit at the Casa Blanca Inn in Farmington and book a hotel in Santa Fe.  The Farmington economy lost out and we lost out.  We're lucky.  We still had a good time.  We didn't lose our pay and we'll return to NM in 3 years.  (Do you see a pattern here?)  But it didn't have to happen and it shouldn't have happened.  And I know that being a park ranger is a tough job and those people shouldn't go without pay for 1 day, never mind 2 or more weeks.

    If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? When I am only for myself, then what am "I"? And if not now, when?

    by betorah on Wed Oct 16, 2013 at 12:07:57 PM PDT

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