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View Diary: Dear Chris Hayes, The Human Face of the Republican Government Shutdown Should Not Be a Black Woman (98 comments)

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  •  It came off that way to me too. (5+ / 0-)

    Sadly that is the assumption of some American idiots every time they see a black face anywhere.  

    It doesn't matter if we are educated and work and are upstanding Americans citizens.  They see a black person and they think 'freeloaders'.

    The problem is that their logic is flawed and the media is complicit in seeing that their logic stays in tact by not explaining the role of government, and how it works.  

    Afterall, Chuck Todd said it wasn't his job to do so.

    My point is that it shouldn't matter what a government worker looks like -- rather it's important as to what they do for Americans, period and that is what Chris Hayes should be emphasizing.

    But I have other issues with Mr. Hayes.  This kid lives in a bubble of his own, too.

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