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View Diary: Dear Chris Hayes, The Human Face of the Republican Government Shutdown Should Not Be a Black Woman (98 comments)

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  •  A Horrible Diary to Have to Write - Good Work! (7+ / 0-)

    Every time my wife and I see some well-meaning report about some hardship and injustice being done, and they show a woman/man/family of color, my wife and I look at each other, eyes raised & rolling.

    I am racist to have that reaction. No question. I am racist to support this diary. No question. But there is a truth that needs to be recognized.

    Most white, moderate Republican men don't care about these people. Most white right and centrist Independent men don't care about these people. Hell, many swing Democrats don't care about these people either. These are the audience, as a group, that will determine the moral/ethical future of America.

    Continually putting minority faces front and center as victims whose lot needs to be improved does us more harm than good with that audience. I'm sorry to have to state this unpleasant truth.

    We need to see suffering little blond, blue-eyed children being savaged by Republican policies. Old white people's retirements being ruined, houses wrenched away. Frail, elderly old white men being beaten by rogue cops. That, over the years, will have some impact in forming a Middle America/Silent Majority conscience, at last.

    Seeing minorities suffer is just the way it is; I'm afraid that's the way the middle sees the world.

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