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View Diary: Dear Chris Hayes, The Human Face of the Republican Government Shutdown Should Not Be a Black Woman (98 comments)

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    Inland, Kevskos

    having a person with darker melanin is playing into what? I can assume you are under 30.. nothing wrong with that..Big question How do you want our POTUS and his wife to appear?

    Hmm They are black living in subsidized housing and ride on private jets.. Talk about yer welfare sterotypes!

    as fer yer critical take on chris hayes.. the nerve of him to have a federal employee on his show..and not face check her to not give fodder to his big tea party audience....
     I came really close to HR this because ah fucking racial stupidity.. but as I said.. you are prolly under 30.. time to learn though..

    never mind...great fooled me for a sec..

    ashes..ashes..we all fall down..

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