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View Diary: While We Are Subjected To Kabuki Theater The Country Continues March Towards Authoritarianism (104 comments)

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  •  The Weimar Syndrome: perpetual unsolveable (5+ / 0-)

    economic crisis is certainly an explanation of our current situation.  This 'economic crisis' seems like it is never ending and out of human control but in reality is fueled by billionaire cartels that create  anxiety to control the masses of people injured by their economic antics and the threat of system failure due to for example government Shut Down.  Our inabilty to intervene to end this long term destablization is the malaise of self perceived weakness in the face of this war of a tiny minority in the American House of Representatives.  It is quite fantastic that the denial of health care coverage to millions of Americans is the kindling that feeds the fire  stoked by the Tea party Koch Addicts as they accuse the President of being a Moslem socialist from Kenya, Africa who openly plots to destroy the White America of their distorted dreams.  They have succeeded in marginalizing the American system of checks and balances and we all seem to be helpless in the face of their audacious strength.  

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