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  •  Oh, please (12+ / 0-)

    Don't be silly.

    Lawmakers are ALREADY required to use the Exchanges to get health insurance.  Since when you ask? Well since the nanosecond after the President signed the ACA Law in 2010. Because this requirement was a part of the original ACA legislation, in an ammendment sponsored by Rep. Senator Grassley of Iowa and approved as part of the law..

    The recent, absurd, down-means-up tarradiddle about  Obama "exempting" Congress from the rules for everyone else is a canard. What the Administration did do was craft a solution to the conundrum created by the ACA which required lawmakers and staff go on the Exchanges even though they already get employer- (that would be you, the taxpayer) funded health insurance, which under the law would make them ineligible for premium subsidies that the incomes of some of them (hint: not the lawmakers who get over $100K/year) might be eligible for.  This would in effect take away a current employer-paid benefit and make health insurance more costly for all of them since they would have to self pay.

    The technical ruling allowed the law makers and staff unilaterally singled out as an employed group as a political ploy, to go on the Exchanges (never a change there) but also get the same employer-paid benefit to purchase policy as they already have now.

    Got it? Follow along here: Lawmakers always were  - and are still  - required to be on the Exchange.  A technical waiver was created to allow them to use employer-paid funds (as they do now) to purchase on the Exchange, end of story.

    All versions of the Vitter ammendment are just extraneous poison pills deliberately attached to gum up the works.e

    The rest of  your diary is Tea Party agitprop - and uncomprehensible to boot.

    My apologies tendered, in advance, if you are not a Troll. My tolerance for crap is utterly exhausted tonight.


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