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View Diary: Bottom line at World War II Memorial: Honor Flight organizer says 'We've had no problems at all' (29 comments)

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  •  I'm surprised the "closed" WWII monument story (5+ / 0-)

    doesn't include a narrative about the park rangers spitting on the veterans and calling them baby killers when they enter.  

    Then throw in some counter-protesters allowed in to burn flags and draft cards.  I also heard John Kerry was seen throwing away his medals again.

    That could all explain Rep. Randy Neugebauer's admonishment to the ranger that should be ashamed of herself.

    Selling a lie well depends on the details.

    •  Give it time (0+ / 0-)

      I'm sure we'll hear these and similar stories popping on our FB feeds before the end of the week.

      And if anybody, anywhere has a picture of an elderly white man being yelled at or mistreated, it will be plastered all over the internet as proof that the veterans were abused at the monument.

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