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View Diary: David Corn collecting Obamacare stories on Twitter...You should read them (158 comments)

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  •  It's questionable (10+ / 0-)

    whether the cheaper "junk" plans actually provide a valuable service.  The regulations on what constitutes insurance varied wildly from state to state.  Now there is a pretty uniform standard.  That is why you saw that rightwing "study" that showed that the lowest-cost plans would increase considerably in the least-regulated states.

    As I understand it the 9% individual affordability threshold for work-based insurance was essentially an unintentional mistake in wording.  That would have to be in a fix-it bill that Democrats want but Republicans will not allow.  It's important to elect Democrats that will make it better for everyone.

    IMO there will be an adjustment period for some people that is undesirable (Who wants to fight the insurance companies? Nobody.) but not unprecedented either.  This isn't the first time people will have to look into further insurance options if theirs is no longer suitable.  But once everyone's settled and the bugs are ironed out I figure we'll be okay.

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