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View Diary: David Corn collecting Obamacare stories on Twitter...You should read them (158 comments)

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  •  In some cases it seems like (1+ / 0-)
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    people were enrolled in insurance that was based on a pool of relatively healthy people. For some reason the insurance company is dropping the plan and they're being thrown in to the exchanges (or other competing non exchange plans). Some of these people are seeing their rates go up significantly and their prior plans were NOT junk plans.

    There is some disruption in the market and some people are being genuinely impacted in a negative way. Unfortunately there is no way to correct these problems since the Republicans rule the House. If Democrats were in control I would imagine that they'd be tweaking the law to reduce some of these problems.

    But there are losers in all of this and every one is sending their unhappy story to dirtbags like Avik Roy or Debra Saunders and they're trumpeting the problems far and wide.

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