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View Diary: David Corn collecting Obamacare stories on Twitter...You should read them (158 comments)

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  •  People who couldn't get insurance before (4+ / 0-)

    were either too poor and, theoretically, they are getting subsidies right now and/or medicaid in some states. So for them they will be going from no insurance/high cost for medication and doctor's visits to subsidized insurance--they will be saving money.

    People who had the money to buy insurance but were unable to do so because they were uninsurable due to prexisting conditions will be paying "more" for the insurance--since anything is more than nothing--but you can't know whether they will be spending "more" on the actual health care they now can receive since that will fall under the insurance rules regarding co-pays etc...

    Even money that is spent on health insurance and health care, in the form of copays or what have you, is not "lost" to the economy if it actually pays for a procedure you need.

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