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  •  I have used the site... (0+ / 0-)

    and I cannot agree.  I found it to be very well designed.  Of course it is not perfect. However, its very usability makes is flaws both claring and frustrating.  The site gives you an option for online notifications, however this feature was not properly implemented and because of the flood of visitors on the first day, they were busy with solving server issues and still have not had a chance to address this one.  They may not even have been aware of it, since they did not include any feedback avenue to deal with technical issues with the site.
    Frankly, while server issues on the first day, could have been denial of service attacks, I personally think they really were just unprepared for he number of visitors.  After all, when the project was originally commissioned they expected most states to be creating their own the exchanges and their site being mostly a referral to these exchanges. The only visitors they expected to need to sign up were people (besides some from one or two states who were already apposed when the law passed) who were recently being discharged, in the process of a state to state move, or someone else who might not have a permanent address or residency in the state in which they reside. As far as the project was concerned, finding out even 12 months before rollout that they are going to have many times more visitors they originally expected would have them scrambling for resources at the last second. Goverment contracts are held to a higher standard (at least security wise) that private sector projects, this allows fewer resource options.

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