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View Diary: PA-06, 07 & 08: PA Democratic Party Make Gerlach (R), Meehan (R) & Fitzpatrick (R) Top Targets (12 comments)

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  •  I was reading Sam Wang today. (0+ / 0-)

    He was asked the question in one of his blog post about Pa.  He gave a link to 2012 returns of each house seats.
    What was interesting about his analysis was how many seats can be lost to the Republicans with a paradigm shift of just a few points.  He had been pointing out that many of the gerrymandered districts were carved out by spreading the republican votes thinly and depending on independent voters to vote with Republicans to gain the maximum seats.  But with the recent shift in the polling shows that independents have shifted towards the Democrats.  The Democrats have been stuffed into urban voter sinks.  

    The question now is how many independent stick with the Democrats?  Will the Republican handle the next debt dead line with unreasonable demands?  Running good local Democrats that can remind the voters of the Republican House members are willing to hurt people like you and wasting time not working on jobs.

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