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View Diary: The House's biggest fundraising slackers (and the challengers kicking their asses) (54 comments)

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    davybaby, MichaelNY

    Truth is that Trott's firm may not only not be a liability in a Republican primary in this wealthy district where they hat poor and working-class people, anyway, but it might even be a benefit to him to be associated with it given how crazy the party is now.

    The good thing is that if Bentivolio goes after the firm in the primary, it only helps whoever the Democratic candidate will be if only because it'll require Trott to defend himself in the primary.

    Anyway, Jocelyn Benson instantly would make this competitive regardless in a way no one else could.  But, she'll have to move to the district, I'm sure.  I'm pretty sure she lives in downtown Detroit, which is a district over from her's.

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