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View Diary: Senate votes on shutdown/debt ceiling deal (254 comments)

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  •  Bullshit (10+ / 0-)

    How many times are you going to fall for this shit?

    •  Schumer, Pelosi on MSNBC (5+ / 0-)

      Reports on CBS, Carney from the White House.   If Democrats don't want me to believe that they just can't wait to cut Social Security maybe they shouldn't be so eager to blabber about it before this deal is even done.  I mean I didn't force them to spout off about their zeal for entitlement reform today.  That they were all on the same page selling entitlement reform just makes me think there were back room deals.  Otherwise, why were they all talking about it today??  I mean it's not like Americans were sitting on the edge of their chairs eager to hear about Social Security cuts.  I think the entire Congress is totally disconnected from real people.  I don't know how Schumer could go on MSNBC and smugly cheer for entitlement reform today as if that is a win and not a fail.  Cutting Social Security and Medicare even if eventually it has to be done is not something to smile about and embrace as if it is a good thing.  It is a failure!

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