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  •  The debt limit should be repealed. (5+ / 0-)

    At first, or at least in 1974 when it was formalized, it was in the context of the Congress having little input into the budgeting process and being expected to go along with whatever the executive presented.
    Well, that's no longer the case. Congress not only goes over programs rather minutely, the budgets they put together are stuffed with policy and programmatic designations, even as the actual appropriations are something else entirely. That is, the Congress promises one thing with the budgeting process and then does something else when it comes to releasing dollars. The sequester is just a more obvious example of that. But, given all that, the Congress still prefers to pretend that it's all the Executive's fault, that the President taxes and spends when, in fact, Congress has sole power over the purse and the legislation which brings revenue back into the treasury.
    Wherefor the pretext which, btw, Obama/Biden seem determined to expose? The pretext is what lets Congress critters get away with promising one thing to the electorate and doing something else for their cronies. It's a shell game designed to confuse the audience. It's a shell game which the newcomers in Congress (212 in the House in the last six years) have not yet figured out. They thing earmarks are the problem when, in fact, the whole process is rotten. The old guard in Congress has only one interest -- to keep themselves in office by serving the interests of their friends. More money for the dam in Kentucky is typical, but, since it actually sends money, it is not objectionable. A dam is a public work.

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