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View Diary: Watch Out - PBS Funding NOT restored! (13 comments)

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  •  Media needs to promote what gop doing to pbs-cpb (none)
    destroying content with partisan appointments and defunding. Highly recommended this diary. Essential for us to stand up and challenge this outrageous, unethical behavior and let everyone know what they're doing.

    It is inconceivable and downright unbelievable to choke pbs/cbp/npr and turn public broadcasting into a gop propaganda megaphone which is what they're doing. This gross manipulation of power and corruption in government can not be stood for. How on earth can any of this shit even be legal? And why should decent folks and dems put up with it! What about bringing it to the public's attention that these corrupt liars are violating ethical and constitutional conflict of interest between authoritarian government practice and gross misuse of power. It is a massive intolerable thing what gop whitehouse and congress is doing with pbs/cpb/npr regarding conflict of interest between government controlling media and in gross violation of first amendment free speech and freedom of expression, not to mention a free 'uncensored' press and media so they can cover up all the crummy dirt that they do and deny if from the public. This is essential to stand up for and fight this outrageous atrocity that they are committing by this! It is intolerable. mishandling and misusing pbs/cpb/npr is in violation of conflict of interest protection, as the unethical, outrageous conflict of interest with GE being a defense contractor while owning nbc, ms-nbc, cs-nbc, among other important media outlets that the public relies on for information, and denying or distorting that process of disseminating public  information, especially for self, corporate or government gain is unethical, illegal, a gross violation fo conflict of interest and completely unacceptable. We need to stand up and do something about this as we also stand up regarding  Downing Street corruption and the war. It's all part of their dirty corrupt scam, and their desperate, evil, intolerable effort to cover everything up. They need to be outed. They make nixon look like a saint with watergate. Good Lord.

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