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View Diary: Don't forget to win the moral high ground and kill this lie that 'Democrats won't negotiate' (48 comments)

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  •  How about Democrats CAN'T negotiate? (0+ / 0-)

    Well, they can always go downward on negotiations :-/

    But even that is something I guess. The president and our congressional leaders and members could to spend the next three months putting up charts and showing how we do most all of the compromising on significant matters. Like the economy since 2009 starting with the proposed stimulus and end with the sequester agreement and the final GOP figure agreed to a couple of weeks ago. And at the same time show the cuts in spending. And bring it up (unasked) all the time, maybe some of the general public will get it.

    But if they aren't going to blow their own horn, trot out the facts and make the case, there's only so much we can do other than insist that they do so. If they want to ask for more they need to show that the GOP doesn't compromise on anything of significance economically. The numbers are public record. They need to challenge the media to show otherwise or to shut up.

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