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View Diary: ACA: I enrolled! (125 comments)

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  •  I also enrolled today (24+ / 0-)

    Process took about 30 minutes including verifying wait times.  I am currently waiting for the application to be processed.  I have no idea how long that will take, or what it entails.  Our names were verified in 15 seconds after weird questions.  (glad I still remembered so much from the last place I lived 29 years ago)

    We will not qualify for assistance so I didn't even try.  If you know you don't qualify the process is a lot shorter I think.

    If the estimator was correct, or close to correct, we will be jumping for joy.  

    Pre-ACA we were paying $25,000 per year.  We were upped to over $48,000 per year.  Went without for 6 months  then got on the emergency care were we paid $7,000 a year and high deductibles.  PA's Governor cut out the state's [plan so we had to go to the federal emergency care program and our coverage went down to about $5,500 a year and higher deductibles.

    I am looking at about $7,900 a year if is close on it's estimations, with incredibly good, low deducible, and very low co-pays.  I will probably have to change doctors because she moved to another network, sooo I would have to change doctors anyway!

    All in all this will be magnificent, wonderful, happy happy joy joy if it is real.  

    I keep thinking that it says for you and your spouse it will cost $650.00 per month and I am missing that little asterisk that says *per person (which of course will still be cheaper than the last time we paid for self coverage)


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