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  •  I read them until PUNCH (2+ / 0-)
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    RiveroftheWest, mettle fatigue

    published a chart showing exactly what scene was in each book and where it occurred. After I realized they were right, i just couldn't read anymore.

    Whoever told us this here on dkos said it was done because Mr. Francis was somewhat well-known as a jockey which was expected to increase sales. Plausible from what I know of publishing.

    -9.0, -8.3 "Remember, a writer writes. Always." --Throw Momma from the Train

    by SensibleShoes on Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 06:55:20 AM PDT

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    •  oh, i thought it was known frm the start he'd been (1+ / 0-)
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      a 'chase jockey.  there's an interesting article here in which he really credits his wife equal w/himself:

         n January, he sits down to write, staring down the barrel of a deadline. "My publisher comes over in mid-May to collect the manuscript," he says, "and it's got to be done."
          The book's publication takes place in England in September. American publication in past years has been in February, although his next book, Straight, is set to be published in November. Once the manuscript is out of his hands, he takes the summer off, while percolating the plot of his next book. Research on the next book begins in late summer and continues through the fall, while he's gearing up for his promotional tour for the just-published book. Come January, he sits down to write again.
          He doesn't like book tours. He is not one for revelations, major life changes, and intimacies with strange interviewers, and he says he gets tired of answering the same questions again and again.
          He shuns the lecture circuit. He'd prefer to let his novels and his sales volume speak for themselves... And though he doesn't love the act of writing a 2287038nd [sic] [and] could easily retire, he finds himself planning his new book as each summer ends.
          He says, "Each one, you think to yourself, 'This is the last one,' but then, by September, you're starting again. If you've got money, and you're just having fun, people think you're a useless character."
          Or, as independently wealthy Tor Kelsey says in The Edge, explaining why he works for a minuscule salary: "I work... because I like it, I'm not all that bad at what I do, really, and it's useful, and I'm not terribly good at twiddling my thumbs."[25]


      Francis collaborated extensively in his fiction with his wife, Mary, until her death, which came as a later surprise to some readers and reviewers.[15][26][27] He credited her with being a great researcher for the novels. In 1981, Don Clippinger interviewed the Francises for The Philadelphia Inquirer and wrote, "When Dick Francis sits down each January to begin writing another of his popular mystery-adventure novels, it is almost a certain bet that his wife, Mary, has developed a new avocation... For instance, in Rat Race, [the protagonist] operated an air-taxi service that specialized in carrying jockeys, trainers and owners to distant race courses. Before that book came out in 1970, Mrs. Francis obtained a pilot's license and was operating an air-taxi service of her own. Francis' newest novel, Reflex, is built around photography, and sure enough, Mary Francis has become accomplished behind the camera and in the darkroom... And, in their condominium, they have set up the subject of his 20th novel [Twice Shy] - a computer. While he is touring the country, she is working on new computer programs."[28]

      Mary Amoroso wrote for New Jersey's The Record, "Mary does much of the research: She went so far as to learn to fly a plane for Flying Finish. She also edits his manuscripts, and serves as sounding board for plot line and character development. Says Francis, 'At least the research keeps her from going out shopping.'"[25] Francis told interviewers Jean Swanson and Dean James,

          Mary and I worked as a team. ... I have often said that I would have been happy to have both our names on the cover. Mary's family always called me Richard due to having another Dick in the family. I am Richard, Mary was Mary, and Dick Francis was the two of us together.[6]

      earlier the article said Mary Francis "had earned a degree in English and French from London University at the age of 19, was an assistant stage manager and later worked as a publisher's reader".

      it's too bad that PUNCH chart ruined his books for you.  i could sure use a chart like that, 'tho, to be honest ;p

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