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View Diary: Todd Kincannon: Transgender people belong in camps (35 comments)

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  •  That helps a lot. Thanks. (7+ / 0-)

    Always feel more comfortable knowing where the opposition is coming from.

    •  Though I am not sure if those people know it but (5+ / 0-)

      it is also a "threat" to nothing less than what (in their view) it means to be human.  Or for the rest of us, transgender people are helping to lead the way in redefining what it means to be human.  To be specific, the idea that it is a person's mind, not their body or even their brain that makes you who and what you are.  For example, imagine in the future there is a small device implanted in the skull that slowly takes over the parts of your brain responsible for storing the "data" containing your memories and personality (if your brain is a computer, this "cortical stack" would basically slowly replace the hard drive portion of that computer) so that if your body dies of a heart attack you can just be "resleeved" in a new cloned body.  Not to mention all knowledge (yes, including things like social skills and muscle memory) being mere software/data that can be copied and traded just like anything else on the net.  Not to mention other things like software updatable immune systems (no more vaccinations, ever) and the ability to not only change sexual orientation but your physical gender almost at will.

      So if you want to see what they are afraid of (even if they don't consciously know it) go grab yourself a copy of Altered Carbon (or any of the other Takeshi Kovacs series) at the local library.

      You have watched Faux News, now lose 2d10 SAN.

      by Throw The Bums Out on Thu Oct 17, 2013 at 01:27:23 PM PDT

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