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View Diary: Native Americans Declare War on Fracking. Canada Declares War on Native Americans. Updates. (188 comments)

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    the original North West Mounted Police were formed in part to establish law and order in the west.  There was an engagement against Louis Riel and the Metis which was perceived by Ottawa as a rebellion.  The NWMP were dispatched to put down the rebellion.  The pros and cons of Louis Riel's cause have long been the subject of debate in Canadian history..
    The NWMP did however establish safe zones for native peoples fleeing genocide in the US and they offered food and protection in return for obeying Canadian law.  Sitting Bull was one American chief who fled to Canada.  
    In the New Brunswick case, while I'm not a big fan of fracking, there was a court decision which the RCMP is obligated to enforce.  They were met with firebombs and other uses of force.  From what I've seen on Canadian news channels, they've acted with considerable restraint and used only the force necessary to the situation.
    The First Nations situation in Canada is not 'good guys' against 'bad guys".  It's much more nuanced than that.

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