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View Diary: Making people suffer is bad, whether in shutdown or via entitlement 'cuts' (150 comments)

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    If there were one phrase I would love to see outlawed from our political discourse it would be "entitlement reform."

    It's an empty phrase that could mean anything. Means testing Medicare??? Raising the age to get into Social Security??? Lifting the payroll tax roof??? Downgrading the formula to calculate future benefits???

    Or, from the Republican side . . . turning Medicare into a voucher program??? Investing part of the Social Security fund into the stock market??? Private SS accounts??? Private accounts for everyone, or private accounts for all???

    It's an empty phrase signifying nothing. You could have 20 people in a room talking about "entitlement reform" and they could be talking about 20 different things.

    And, it's a purposely vague phrase because almost all of the proposed "reforms" are inherently unpopular.

    In a way, "entitlement reform" is the opposite of Obamacare. The more you get into the individual components of it, the less popular it gets.

    And then, finally, the entire population of people who get to go on the TV and talk endlessly about "entitlement reform" while patting themselves on the back for what great statesmen they are . . . and the self-indulged media that are supposed to be covering this clown show . . . NONE of those people are ever going to need those entitlement programs themselves. They'll all be on either rich public pensions or they'll have big media-paid benefits that will dwarf what Social Security and Medicare would represent to the average viewer.

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      it's become pretty clear over the past year what it means right now. Chained CPI is practically a done deal unless there is a major public outcry. And means-testing Medicare is probably in the works also.

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