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    the kind words. Which ad campaign were you thinking of? Was it the Americans United for Change campaign in 10 districts? A number of orgs (like the NEA) also ran shutdown ads, but that was probably the most pervasive one. I think the campaign must be over by now, not just because the shutdown is over but because it's terribly expensive to run TV spots, especially for more than a week.

    If you were wondering what sort of an impact it had, 5 of the recipients voted yes and 5 voted no: Hanna (NY-22), Latham (IA-03), Benishek (MI-01), Barletta (PA-11), and Davis (IL-13) voted yes, while Denham (CA-10), Walberg (MI-07), Sean Duffy (WI-07), Johnson (OH-06), and Barr (KY-06). That sounds fairly impressive, but the sample they chose was already pretty evenly split between establishmentarians and tea partiers, and I would have expected those 10 Reps. to split the way they did, even without the pressure of an ad campaign. (I probably would have expected Denham to be a 'yes' and Benishek to be a 'no,' but you can never predict that kind of thing perfectly.)

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    by David Jarman on Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 10:25:24 AM PDT

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