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  •  They can point to the new Pope's new attitude... (0+ / 0-)

    towards social justice.

    They can tell the bishops to get with the Pope's program and stop supporting the zombie agenda of misogyny, homophobia, and rigid anti-aboritionism.

    Besides, I called for schism, not polite petitioning of power-hungry creeps and pedophiles. It is true, as you say, that the hierarchy is uniformly reactionary thanks to the last two popes. That is why schism is more likely than internal change.

    As for Pius XII, you can weasel word it all you want; but he was missing in action as a spiritiual leader. As a spiritual leader, he is held to a different standard than a government when it comes to matters of mass murder. Don't we constantly hear the "obeying a higher law" line from the fundies? Is it only a higher law when it is the left that is being called out?

    •  The Catholic Church is so ossified, (1+ / 0-)
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      that any sort of rapid change is difficult. This pope IS trying to get them from obsessing about abortion and birth control, but his power over them is somewhat limited. If you remember, back when there were actually liberal bishops, the past reactionary popes did their best to keep them under control but couldn't always do it.

      I'd appreciate it if you don't accuse me of using weasel words that let the Papacy off the hook. I barely survived my youthful encounter with the Sisters of Mercy (the religious order, not the band) and left the Catholic Church in my teens, so I am no mouthpiece for the CC.

      I don't see what I said that was a defense of Pius XII - I clearly said that he thought he could do business with Hitler and somehow get a good deal out of it. I have a problem with those who say he was a Nazi sympathizer - he wasn't.  But I would certainly call much of his policy as Hitler enabling. But that didn't make him a Nazi, it made him a Nazi tool.

      My hope for the CC, is that Pope Francis' conciliatory manner just might create the schism that you would like, but maybe not in the way you would like. I can see the ultra conservative walking out and joining the sedavacantists, leaving the CC to swing back to the center.

      Just another underemployed IT professional computer geek.

      by RhodeIslandAspie on Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 09:30:39 AM PDT

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      •  I agree with what you said (1+ / 0-)
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        Your parsing of your first post cleared things up about Pius XII. Thanks.

        I never considered that Pius's shirking was anything but pure betrayal of his spiritual principles. You correctly point out he was just being a bureaucrat, dealing with the Nazis as if they were just normal people. But  my nom d'plume, Hannah Arendt, famously wrote about "The Banality of Evil". I guess Pius was just another case in point.

        I also was raised Catholic and got out as soon as I went to college. Unfortuanely, I have to deal w the CC at family events. And, I get random junk mailings from the crypto-Opus Dei outfit, the ?Newman Foujndation? But, it is all just background noise to me.

        I'm with Gibbons, they are the last living remnant of the Roman Empire. They can't vaporize soon enough for me.

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