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  •  I come out of lurkerdom (7+ / 0-)

    for the sake of Pogo.

    I had that book, years ago, but had to sell it for much needed cash (as I've sold many beloved books over the ages.) Had a number of Pogo comic books, collected in the '70s. I don't think any of 'em are in print any more, alas.

    "Ten ever-lovin-blue-eyed years" provided a long night's entertainment to me and a boyfriend long ago. We stayed up all night to read it together, then went up on Skyline Drive in Duluth to watch the sun rise.

    Kelly used Pogo and companions to poke at political figures all his career, starting with Joe McCarthy (Simple J. Malarkey in the strip) and continuing through to Nixon. I owned one collection of strips that chronicled the adventures of a despotic hyena who STRONGLY resembled Spiro Agnew. I had another that tracked the '68 presidential election (LBJ was a long-horn steer with bad eyesight.)

    Pogo was the original comic strip pulled from the funny pages and put on the editorial page, long before Doonesbury. When it wasn't overtly political it was gently but pointedly philosophical. I always felt the mad sled and wagon rides of Calvin and Hobbes were direct descendants of hapless boat rides in Pogo -- wryly, slyly thoughtful discussion punctuated by slapstick catastrophe.

    I miss Pogo.

    "I've had all I can stands, and I can't stands no more." - Popeye the Sailor Man

    by congenitalefty on Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 08:25:11 AM PDT

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