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    Did you ever have a transistor radio? If not, what forms of portable music have you had?
    Yes, but I never had a very good one until the prices went through the floor around the time that the walkman came out.
    If you have an iPod or other digital music player, how many songs are on it?
    My MP# player was/is full, at either 2.5 gig or something in that range. It would last from SFO across country, almost to De Gaulle iirc, with no repeats. I now use may tablet, a Motorola Xoom, with an added 32 gig card. At least 16 gigs is devoted to music, I have no idea how many that is, but it is a very great deal of music.
    What's your favorite kind of cake/frosting?
    hiomemade cream cheese on certain things, homemade buttercream on others.
    Has there ever been a product you liked so much you'd do a commercial for it?
    Negra Modelo, Stiletto HammersHusquevarna Chain Saws as modded, hot-prodded and prepped by Bailey's of Laytonville, Owsley White Lightning, and a few others.
    Have you ever bought anything because you saw a commercial for it?
    Not that I recall, certainly never only because of a commercial.

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