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  •  My son, who lives in Germany now, came home (5+ / 0-)

    last month with two German friends and they drove to Montreal and back via New Hampshire and Vermont.  The leaves were at the height of their fall colors.  He called one day from Vermont and told me he was glad it was cloudy because now they could really enjoy the colors.  The day before had been sunny and beautiful and they spent the whole day taking photos, rather than actually looking at the beauty.

    From what his friends told me the changing of the leaves there is not nearly as glorious as here, at least where they live in northern Germany.  They were also very interested in all the bugs we have here - they'd never heard crickets before, never seen a praying mantis or a stink bug.  I told them to be careful not to inadvertently take any stink bugs home with them because they have caused such problems here.  It was fun to talk to them about the differences they noticed.

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