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    But I don't agree that Walmart's policies are designed solely to protect themselves verses their customer.

    In the one instance:

    AP09 is Walmart’s policy on dealing with shoplifters. A copy obtained by KSL shows employees are allowed to use “reasonable force” to limit movements of struggling suspects. If a weapon comes out, however, associates must “disengage” and “withdraw,” the policy states.
    I suppose that policy has two objectives - minimize Walmart's liability as well as allowing a gun-wielding idiot to escape without shooting either an employee or a shopper.

    So, I have to ask, what policy or law would you prefer to see? Do you think Walmart should be required to allowed their employees to do what they think is right?

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      The quote you're providing shows us that Walmart's policy allows for the protection of their property, both real and imagined and be damned if lives hanging in the balance.  It would be much more honest if they just said, "Don't do anything that can bring about lawsuits and whatever you do, protect our property first and foremost!"

      When the world is viewed in this light, it becomes a very cold and calculating amoral place.

      It also reveals to us that Walmart has no stake in the community or people it serves and I believe they should be held accountable for it.

      Why I pointed out depraved indifference as a legitimate legal position against their corporate greed.

      When Walmart says they want to come into your community, our political leaders better beware and I'd dare say if and when those same leaders give them decades of tax breaks, they should be held accountable as well for creating these conditions that risk life and limb.

      As for you actual question: Yes, I'd expect every employee to do the right thing and I'd defend them with all the resources I had when they did, if I were an employer.

      I'd make dogmeat of the attorney that tried to sue us as well.  Publicly shaming them for lack of "good moral character" and then I'd push to have their law license revoked.

      You see, to me, this is the crux of our problems.  The law has become cold, empty and calculated.  And it's becoming more illegitimate as we speak.

      As for your second question: Stop allowing lawyers to write the law, especially laws that negate our humanity.  Write better good Samaritan laws, giving protection to all whom try to help others.  Think of what this would do for those groups helping illegal immigrants with food and water?

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