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  •  Lawyers vs. "real people" (4+ / 0-)
    I see a child about to be run over by a car that is backing up, should I not pull the child out of the way?
    1) so the child was under the car, and against the wheel which was still turning?

    2) you had full knowledge of the drivers intention to continue to reverse, despite not having a clear path to do so?

    3) you had full knowledge of this child's medical records, and with certainty, knew no harm would result by pulling, lifting or pushing the child away from the alleged path of the car.

    4) you were, at the time, parent or legal guardian of this child, or a person, who by nature of another relationship established by law, in loco parentis?

    The rest of the world:
    a) wow, that was great... you saved a life today, I'm so grateful.

    b) you TOUCHED MY BABY?!! I'm calling the POLICE.

    a) results in your being in the news: "Hero woman saves child from certain death"

    b) results in your arrest, and "Lawyers" see above.  
    Thus no charges for criminal negligence against the parent.

    Welcome to post '80s America.

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