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View Diary: Cory Booker plans to bring marriage equality to Newark, no matter what 'dad' Chris Christie believes (54 comments)

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    It really bothers me.  It seems like some parents have to make a decision if their kids are still worthy of love when they come out as gay.  I saw, when I was younger, when it was not uncommon for kids to be kicked out of the house for being gay, to now when parents are much less likely to condemn their kids but still have to work through the issue.

    It was like the letter that was published a while back from a grandfather whose daughter kicked out the gay child.  It was basically the same drivel about the kid not being able to help it and being made that way.  I understand that this is how the bigoted Christians work through the cognitive dissonance imposed by their belief system, but honestly I can't understand it.  If a straight boy decided to have sex with other boys just for fun, and decided that an emotional cohabitation relationship with a male was nice, but he still went out and had sex with girls, would that child be disowned because he made a decision to bring a boy to thanksgiving?  Would the only way for the bigots to justify the behavior would be to label him as gay even though he thinks of himself as mostly gay.

    I don't blame the bigots for this thought.  Too many religions have really messed up millions of people in the pursuit of profits.  I was never taught in my church anything other than the fact that people live in different ways and we are not qualified to judge or to pretend we know the will of the almighty.

    But still, it will be a good day when a girl or boy brings a girl or boy home and there is no real need to figure out anything other than the normal stuff about whether the relationship is age appropriate.

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