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View Diary: ACA Website to New Yorker: Drop Dead (at least until December) (96 comments)

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  •  Talk about ridiculous(ly defensive) (5+ / 0-)

    "You know that whether you sign up today or in December, your coverage begins on January 1st, right?

    Either way, I mean. You know that, right?"

    Yes. I know. And YOU know that the odds of me actually being to sign up in mid-December in time for January 1 is approximately zero, right? To wit: holidays, bureaucrats not answering phones, more delays, etc.

    "For the self-employed, this law is a GODSEND. I have insurance, and have been paying more than $1,000/month for a decade for it."

    I am self-employed. I agree. But it's only a THEORETICAL godsend. Because, you see, you can't actually sign up. You get that, right?

    •  No, I get (26+ / 0-)

      that you're upset and sound a lot like WoW players in the first few days of launch.

      I've got six friends in our boat who already have insurance (pre-existing conditions) now, who didn't before. I just wrote a short story for one for an anthology he did to pay off his huge medical bills when he was uninsured under the previous system. He's a cancer survivor and is now covered.

      Got another friend in Kentucky - lifelong Republican. Independent wildman, riding hogs and building hot cars and living the life. Won't ever vote Republican again because of this.

      And I would guess that the odds of you being able to sign up in time for January 1 coverage are quite good. Much of the traffic on the sites were from curious people who shouldn't really be there, as they have coverage elsewhere. And of course, once people go through the process successfully, they won't be back on those sites, which means traffic will decrease. There's another diary here putting that number at over 300,000, and it should climb dramatically in the next couple of weeks.

      And of course, as with any rollout, the process will be repaired incrementally, but significantly.

      I also know (critical point here) that pre-ACA, your odds of getting insurance were what? Zero?

      That alone makes your screed kind of silly. Because in the end, on January 1st likely, but even if you're correct and it goes months longer, you will be better off than you are now, particularly as a self-employed individual.

      Oh, and ps. I've ALREADY received two $1,300+ REBATES on my insurance.

    •  Your Diary Is Based On A Ridiculous Assumption. (8+ / 0-)

      That you won't be able to sign up by 1/1. So fucking what if you anticipate having problems with bureaucrats, deal with it. The government is making it possible for you to qualify for the insurance "I really need", and helping you pay for it. Quit whining, man up, and find your way through the system, and have a modicum of gratefulness for what you are receiving.

      Don't tell me you need a government facilitator from your local church charity.

      “I’m able to fly, do what I want, essentially. I guess that’s what freedom is — no limits.” Marybeth Onyeukwu -- Brooklyn DREAMer.

      by chuco35 on Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 09:26:29 AM PDT

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    •  Maybe you should contact the writer of (14+ / 0-)

      The Uninsured Musician’s Guide to The Affordable Care Act. He says: "Earlier this week, I finished my own application, and was up in no time, comparing the cost of new plans on the New York State exchange. If all goes well, I’ll soon have insurance for the first time in a decade."  He also writes:

      According to one survey by The Future of Music Coalition, about 43% of artists and musicians currently lack health insurance. This is roughly 2.5x higher than the average national rate. It seems natural to assume that as musicians and freelance creative workers, we’re going to be among those who are most affected by the new reforms around health care.

      The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure that it is right. -- Judge Learned Hand, May 21, 1944

      by ybruti on Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 10:18:42 AM PDT

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