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  •  I also suspect that they're (4+ / 0-)

    Going to have to do a major database cleanup before too long. Tons of duplicate accounts, failed accounts, looky-lous. You can't leave that in there forever.

    Not sure how they'll do a purge though. But they need to.

    •  Maybe, maybe not (3+ / 0-)
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      JerryNA, ladybug53, Oh Mary Oh

      You can do a purge based on activity and that's pretty safe.

      Something like if they haven't finished setting up the account in 30 days, purge it.  There probably are not duplicate accounts at the database level (ie, accounts with the same identity information in all key fields).   People may have duplicates, but to the database they are unique.

      If an account is set up but not used, you set the password to expire after a while and present a screen to get a new password in the usual way.   Normally you do not purge real accounts on an app like this, not ever, but if for some reason they wanted to, the way to do it would be to email the account owner and ask if it is ok to purge it (or perhaps purge if they don't log in in XXX time, something like 30 days).    Only account owners who have not signed up for health plans would be on that mailing list.

      Disc space is really, really cheap, and modern databases with proper indexes have no difficulty processing multiple tables with tens of millions of records per table.  Hell they've even become pretty good at processing hash joins of two hundred million row tables if you've got big enough iron.    Most folks these days don't really purge data except for legal reasons or when they switch over to a new application and don't want to data convert all the history.

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