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  •  It isn't going to "just work" one fine day (2+ / 0-)
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    welt, Oh Mary Oh

    The thing that was broke yesterday will be fixed.

    Some problem users will succeed.  Others will expose a new problem hidden behind the first one.

    Then that will be fixed

    Lather rinse repeat.

    Just when you think it's stable, people will push new functionality in, causing new unintended consequences.

    It will do just what it has been doing.  It'll get better.  More people will have it work for them, and the nature of the beast is that once it works for somebody they won't log back in for another year.   It'll look WAY better a year from now.

    For those struggling, it will suck and suck and suck less and finally work.   The universe of people it will work for will broaden.  At some point it will include most people, those with the worst problems will have given up and done it by phone or paper.

    The only real question is how fast it will improve.  It's been tough so far because step 1 "set up an account" is blocking a lot of bug discoveries.  If they actually get a browse feature in, that'll help a lot, as casual viewers will then help bug test some of the deeper features.

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