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    I do not do this for a living, but am currently reading a book called, "No Better Time," about Danny Lewin and the roll out of the Akamai technology that makes the internet work.

    It's great read for anyone who likes the New Yorker style of journalism, where you get the background of everyone involved. And, as a non-programer, I've come to understand more about how the internet works by reading it.

    I otherwise would have not slogged through the tech details on this diary, but currently feel a fleeting understanding of how complicated this all is.  I empathize with everyone involved in this roll out of, and thank you all, who work in the tech field, for your work in the tech field.

    So, sort of off topic, but a good book.

    "Jersey_Boy" was taken.

    by New Jersey Boy on Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 08:13:53 PM PDT

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      New Jersey Boy

      Thank you for the book recommendation.  Having been in the industry for far too long now (15 years makes me ancient in the software world!), I'm always looking for new material to read.  "No Better Time" is now officially next on my reading list!

      •  You're welcome. What makes it more interesting (0+ / 0-)

        is that Danny Lewin was "the first victim of 9-11."

        It's not really a spoiler, but he was on one of the planes that crashed into the world trade centers.

        He had been a member of an elite anti-terrorism unit in Israel when he was young.  Based on cell phone calls from people on the plane, they determined that he attempted to disarm the terrorists and was killed before the planes hit the towers.

        The guy was a computer genius and a badass.

        "Jersey_Boy" was taken.

        by New Jersey Boy on Sat Oct 19, 2013 at 06:59:26 PM PDT

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