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View Diary: The end of austerity kabuki, and how to turn a victory into a rout (196 comments)

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  •  If the Republican goal was to undermine Obama's... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...presidency I'd say they succeeded once again and can chalk another winning year under their belts.

    Negotiations, rather than brinksmanship in 2011, should have started with Obama having opened with something more negotiable than chained-CPI, how to reform/cut entitlements, how the deficit must be cut and a promise to make some of Bush's tax cuts permanent. There never would have been a brink if there was a fight.

    So this brink is defended, no cave, so it's win'ishy.

    Now we're to expect Obama to feel compelled to sell chained-CPI on its merits or dump it and not cut SS or Medicare. I see. We must demand the status quo!

    Again, if Republicans' one goal is to relentlessly undermine Obama then as long as they're safe from Pelosi who can't be redeployed to actually make shit happen, we can assume smooth sailing to the next brink, and the next, and money will flow from the billionaires to the poor-me campaigning Republicans, as the lame duck defends the status quo.

    A rational realistic self aware case for undivided government in 2014 is necessary to at least, at the least, defend the status quo. Dems have to stand on  what's really at stake, warts and all, and make the case.  It's doable but not on our merits. It's doable because of the treasonous relentlessness and success of the Republicans. Believe that and be motivated by that.

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