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  •  The Tea Partyers aren't prone to reason (1+ / 0-)
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    Their objections go very deep. They simply hate Obama and it doesn't matter even if its not in their best interest.

    It does have to cost them something personally for it to sink in. There will still be grudges. I saw this with people who supported the Iraq war even when it was proven to be a waste of lives and their own taxpayers money.

    We know what they are fighting against (Obama and Liberals) but they need to fight "for' something other than
    old grudges. Getting to their personal agendas is the root to changing them. Some say its race but I think it is cultural.

    Mike Lofgren,a Republican worked in the House and Senate as a Budget analyst for 28 years, calls the Tea Party, the neo-Confederate party. His book, "The Party is Over:How the Republicans Went Crazy and the Democrats Became Useless and the Middle Class Got Shafted", is enlightening. He wonders how the party of Lincoln became the party of lunatics.

    Bruce Bartlett, former Senior Policy Analyst for the Reagan White House, see the TPers practicing the politics of the Southern Democrats. He wasn't referring to racism but the use of "massive resistance" used by the resisters during segregation. They will bring this country down out of spite if they can't have their way.

    We have to be ready to employ peaceful but forceful tactics when they strike. Pay attention to local and state politics. Voter disenfranchisement will be at its worst.
    The warnings we are getting are coming from establishment Republicans. i think that means something.

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