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  •  that's a nice fantasy... (2+ / 0-)
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    fat old man, slothlax

    ...but if there's one thing that Narcissists crave more than anything's power. Creating a new party and garnering massive amounts of attention would defiinitely suit Cruz's Narcissistic needs, but it would hardly give him much more power than he already has within the Republican Party. Heck...144 Republicans took their voting instructions from him in the House...even after it was obvious to everyone what a complete disaster the whole shutdown/debt ceiling crisis was for them.

    In my opinion...he might have that in the back of his mind, just in case...but mostly as a last resort. He craves power. And, in my opinion, in his own crude way, he's trying to emulate Reagan (Reagan, in his time, you may recall, was an advocate of trying to push the party and the country as far right as was practical/possible; to many people (myself included), Reagan was beyond the pale in his day, but he was, apparently, able to stay just enough on the sane side of the line to make it work. Whether Cruz has the same abilities is yet to be seen (my guess is that Cruz is a significantly more intelligent person than Ronald Reagan ever dreamed of being, but Reagan simply surround himself with the folks who could fill in the intellectual gap).

    Cruz wants to push the country as far right as he possibly can get away with, just like Reagan. (Reagan wasn't exactly beloved by most Republicans in the late '60''s or '70's either, by the way).

    My guess...he goes for the GOP nomination and uses the possibility of going third party as a bludgeon to try to bully his way to get it.

    •  Power or attention (1+ / 0-)
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      I think he has reached his zenith of power in the Republican party. His latest stunt did the party no good, and I don't think he'll get the nomination because of it. Even if he did get the nomination he'll still lose the general election.
      If he forms a third party he gets all the press he wants, will probably get to participate in the national debates and if he drags enough tea party Republicans along with him, he can be just as effective moving the country to the right as the head of a party that will be in coalition with the Republicans in a closely divided House.

      •  possibly, but... (1+ / 0-)
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        fat old man

        ...the math doesn't add up. How can he actually move the country to the right if he's splitting the conservative vote, creating an opening for Democrats to have all the power.

        •  long term (1+ / 0-)
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          If he truly believes his ideas are what the country is hungering for and the Republicans just aren't delivering it, then he'll be willing to lose a few seats to Democrats for a while assuming they'll win them back in time.
          I really don't think he'll cost them that many seats to begin with. He'll only get the most extreme members of the tea party faction to join him, and they are already winning in very conservative districts. It's not the same as a tea party candidate going against an incumbent Republican, splitting the vote and throwing it to the Dem. It'll be incumbent Republicans switching parties in very conservative districts where a Democrat has very little chance.
          As the head of a very conservative party that holds a number of seats in a closely divided House, he can bargain with the Republicans on legislation, even committee chairs.

          •  A Tea Party candidate for President (1+ / 0-)
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            fat old man

            ...especially a high profile one like Ted Cruz, would split a lot of votes off from Republicans, helping Democrats. Same, too, with statewide offices such as governor and senator.

            You're right...he would definitely need to consider this a very long-term proposition if this is what he truly intends.

            •  The House may be all he needs (1+ / 0-)
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              fat old man

              The GOP has an uphill battle for the presidency and Senate going forward indefinitely as it stands. The best move for conservatives may very well be to concentrate all efforts on the House and concede the other two to liberals and moderates. The House, at least constitutionally, was designed to have the most power, it is where sovereignty lays IIRC. The Senate and executive branch were designed more as oversight institutions. The president's only true power in the constitution is the veto. A smart guy like Cruz may be thinking along those lines, reassert the power of the House.

              There is truth on all sides. The question is how much.

              by slothlax on Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 01:08:37 PM PDT

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