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View Diary: Idaho tea party candidate wants government out of health care, has 10 kids on Medicaid (281 comments)

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    I simply don't see the equivalence that you see. He is opposed to the government providing a certain benefit. That's not the same (for me) as being opposed to people benefiting from something once the government provides it.

    It is incorrect to say this is analogous to opposing the existence of abortions. Read my comment above, where I turn this around: Suppose I'm 100% pro choice in all circumstances, but oppose the government paying for abortions. If I lose this argument to the rest of society (because a majority feels that government should pay) then, when I need an abortion, why am I obligated not to accept the benefit that the rest of society has decided is the proper function of government?

    I personally don't think religious institutions should be tax exempt, and I would vote for and donate to someone who wanted to change this. Meantime, am I obligated not to take a tax deduction for contributions to my church/synagogue/mosque?

    •  hypocisy (0+ / 0-)

      Your logic is flawed in that this man claims family,friends, charities or churches should provide what the low income or needy are lacking.We both know that's not only unlikely,but probably impossible. Your talking about millions of Americans that private institutions and charities simply don't have the resources to fill the need.He takes advantage of Medicaid for that very reason,but refuses to face the reality of it. If he's so convinced that government has no purpose in people's lives,he should be setting the example of just how you live the libertarian life style.
                What would be his plan to provide healthcare for his kids without Medicaid?The fact is that he has no practical plan.Just as he has no solution for who will provide roads,bridges,infrastructure,public transportation,maintain national parks,public food and drug safety and on and on. His extreme libertarian vision would remake us as the equivalent of a third world country where many of these services don't exist. It's a fools vision based on the fantasy that we don't need each other to live a safe ,comfortable life. He clearly contradicts his vision by relying on government services to provide his children with healthcare.We wouldn't be the world economic leader we are today without the government foundation of infrastructure and services that we use and benefit from.

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