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View Diary: Idaho tea party candidate wants government out of health care, has 10 kids on Medicaid (281 comments)

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  •  Why didn't the mormon church step in? (0+ / 0-)

    In Lawrence O'Donnell's piece last night, he mentioned that Collett had also written that it shouldn't be the role of government to help people who fall on hard times. Those people should first turn to their families, and if they can't help turn to their churches, and if they can't help turn to some other charitable organizations.

    Last I checked, the Mormon church wasn't poor. So why isn't the church taking care of all his kids' healthcare costs? Because, as Sister Simone (one on the nuns on the bus) said when GOP house members asked the same thing to her about the role of churches, there is no possible way churches can ever come close to meeting the level of demand that exists in society.  

    And maybe that's what the Mormon Church told Mr. Collett. Sorry, but when you decided to adopt 8 children in addition to 2 you already have, perhaps you should have thought of those challenges.

    Good thing a government program was there to bail him out.

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